Safety Film is completely clear so has no effect on the appearance of the window, it is designed to upgrade unsafe fragile glass to current British Standards without the need to replace the whole unit which can be costly. It is a legal requirement that glazing in public areas should meet the minimum safety standard, applying Safety Film will ensure your glass meets these standards & regulations.

Safety window film works when glass breaks, controlling the post-break behaviour of the broken fragments, generally by holding the pieces together attached to the film.  This greatly enhances the safety of building occupants and protection of furnishings from damage caused by broken and or flying glass pieces.

Critical Locations as outlined by The British Standards Institute

Safety Film needs to be applied to any glass that is 1500mm in height from the floor and any other low level glass that is within 800mm from the ground. Legal safety requirements state that unless glass is toughened or laminated it should either be replaced or Safety Window Film applied so that your glazing complies with regulation BS EN 12600. Safety Film application is far cheaper and less disruptive than replacing glazed units.


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Frequently Asked Question's

  • The appropriate film will depend on the use to which you wish to put it. We have a wide range of films that can suit any manner of requirement ranging from Solar Films for Windows to Conservatory Window Film . Let us know what you are looking to achieve and we will advise you accordingly.

  • No, you should just make sure there is easy access to the window area to fit the film.

  • Firstly the window is thoroughly cleaned and then using a soapy solution the film is applied. Once in place the water is squeegeed out and left to dry naturally making a firm fit.

  • Just use a simple soapy water solution and a soft cloth.

  • Yes, all film has a 10-year guarantee and a 1 year installation warranty.

  • This will depends on the size of the glass and the type of film you order. Once you have decided we will give you a comprehensive quote.